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Below are some of the resources and topics you can find further information about in our main exhibit gallery.

Beaufort’s Natural Resources

·       Geography of Beaufort (60+  islands, Barrier/Remnant Islands, Tidal change)

·       Ecology of Beaufort ( natural food sources)

American Indians

·       Prehistoric Chronology

·       Technology (technological cradle)

·       Architecture (shell middens/rings)

·       Archaeological Reflections of American Indians

·       The Yamassee people (villages, language, Settler influences)

·       Altamaha (permanent settlement)

·       Trade practices and Yamassee War (displacement of Natives)

·       Modern S.C. tribes

Discovering the New World

·       Spanish Exploration ( 1514 first exploration, Francisco Chicora)

·       Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon, Jean Ribault, William Hilton

·       Charlesfort; Santa Elena (Fort San Filipe, Fort San Marcos); Stuart Town

Founding of Beaufort

·       Carolina Colony (Lord’s Proprietors, King Charles II)

·       Founding of Beaufort Town (Henry Woodward, Henry Summerset 2nd Duke of Beaufort, Tuscarora Jack Barnwell)

·       Deerskin and Slave Trades (routes/roads)

·       Early Plantation Life (rice, indigo, cattle, Eliza Lucas Pickney)

American Revolution

·       Thomas Heyward Jr.

·       Declaration of Independence (grievance #4)

·       Loyalists vs. Patriots

·       Battle of Beaufort

·       Economic impact of the war

·       National Militia Act and History of the Arsenal (BVA)

Antebellum Beaufort

·       Town Life (architecture, opulent lifestyle)

·       Beaufort College

·       Plantation Life (task system, slave life)

·       Expansion of Slave Trade

·       Gullah/ Geechee Culture

·       Sea Island Cotton

Civil War in Beaufort

·       Nullification Crisis

·       Secession (Robert Barnwell Rhett)

·       Battle of Port Royal (General PT Beauregard, Fort Walker, Fort Beauregard, General Thomas Sherman, Commodore Samuel Dupont, the Great skadattle, Union’s Blockade Stratagy)

·       Occupation

·       Hospitals

·       Development of National Cemetery

·       Contrabands

·       1st S.C. Volunteer Infantry  (General Rufus Saxton, Port Royal Experiment)

·       Robert Smalls (The Planter, political career, public school system)

·       Susie King Taylor, Harriet Tubman, General PT Beauregard

 Postbellum Beaufort

·       Mitchelville/Freedman’s Bureau/ Missionary Societies

·       Port Royal Experiment

·       Politics of Reconstruction (Robert Smalls, sharecropping)

·       Mather School 

·       Penn School

·       Truck Farming

·       Phosphate Mining

·       Seafood Industry (Blue Crab, Oyster canning)

·       Hurricanes (Clara Barton, Red Cross)

Twentieth Century Beaufort

·       Military comes to Beaufort (Parris Island, NHB, MCAS)

·       Tenant Farming and The Depression

·       Jim Crow/Civil Rights (Martin Luther King)

·       Re-envisioning Beaufort (Henry Chambers, Waterfront park, Tourism

·       Sheriff Mc Teer (root medicine/hoodoo, History of BHM)

·       Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor

·       Film Industry

·       Water Festival

Our mission is to preserve, promote and interpret the experiences of our past that influence us now and in the future.

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